AGRSS™ AGRSS™ is a Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to safe auto glass installations. 


The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS™ ) Council has issued guidelines for the use of its council logo as well as the use of the "registered company" logo. The lists below show each logo and the guidelines for the use of each. The AGRSS™ Council felt that the time was right to set and announce guidelines for the use of its logos to prevent misuse by companies either intentionally or unintentionally.

"The AGRSS™ logos area symbol of our organization and the hard work every member and registered company has done to make AGRSS™ succeed," said Cindy Ketcherside, chair of the AGRSS™ Council. "By issuing guidelines for the use of our logos, we are ensuring the preservation of our integrity and the reputation we have established, as well as that of those who are registered members."

Both the AGRSS™ Council logo and the AGRSS™ Registered Company logo are intellectual property and must be noted with either a trademark (™) or registered (®) symbol accordingly. The use of each is also listed in the guidelines below.

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass. AGRSS™ was founded and is supported by companies in the auto glass replacement industry that keep safe installation as their primary goal.

The AGRSS™ standard is an accredited American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-standards development organization. It has developed the world's only auto glass replacement safety standard, the AGRSS™ standard (ANSI/AGRSS™ 002-2002 Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard). The AGRSS™ Standard addresses procedures, education and product performance.

For more information, contact the AGRSS™ industry website at or its consumer safety site at