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AGRSS Unveils Self-Audit Program

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council (AGRSS™) has unveiled the first part to its Self-Audit Program for registered companies. The program helps companies review and gather the documentation to prove that they conduct their business according to the AGRSS Standards and comply with registration requirements.

Carl Tompkins, chair of the accreditation committee for the AGRSS Council, stated, "we've brought the registration program to a new level, elevating it to a new tier of registration. This means the participating glass shops are moving on to the element of validating their conformance to the standard versus just promising to keep it - this again gives us an AGRSS registration program that is more credible and demonstrates to our customer bases, such as the insurance industry, we are really walking the walk.

"The self-assessment provides a huge benefit to companies by giving them an orchestrated way to go through a step-by-step assessment of how well they meet the requirements of the AGRSS Standard," Tompkins continued. "Companies that have gone through the self-assessment have given us great feedback," he said. "In every case, they've told us they found areas that were non-complaint and they were able to rectify the situation to bring them into compliance. And you know the ultimate effect of this is will be to lower the liability risk for these companies."

Tompkins will lead a session about the new AGRSS self-assessment program during the upcoming first ever AGRSS Conference, to be held October 16-17 at the Rio All Suites Hotel in Las Vegas.

"This is huge," he said. "It's a huge benefit to registered companies. It helps them know they are doing it right, may reduce their liability and it provides a great value to customers, by validating companies that perform proper auto glass installations."

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