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Leading News

AGSC Members Gather to Learn the Latest at Auto Glass Week™
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) held its annual member meeting just prior to Auto Glass Week™ 2015 providing several updates, including ones from the education, credentialing and marketing committees.

People News

AGSC Honors Allan Skidmore with the Carl F. Tompkins Award for Excellence in Auto Glass Safety
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) recently honored industry veteran and leader Allan Skidmore with the Carl F. Tompkins Award for Excellence in Auto Glass Safety. Skidmore, the CEO of TCG International (TCGI), was honored for his commitment to safety in the auto glass industry and his support of the work of the AGSC.

On the Blogs

Let’s Talk about OEM Glass and Calibration
“Since the introduction of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), the need for aftermarket glass replacement companies to use OEM glass has increased substantially. Of course, auto dealers have claimed for years that OEM glass was necessary for the proper operation of the many electronic systems that utilize the glass for mounting or delivery. Is this true?” –Bob Beranek

Certification News

Welcome These Certified Master Auto Glass Technicians
A number of auto glass technicians passed the Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) Certified Master Auto Glass Technician certification exam during the month of September. The exam is an online test consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. Those who apply to become Accredited Master Auto Glass Technicians must have experience and knowledge in: OSHA-required employee safety regulations; conducting installations according to the current ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard; intermediate-level automotive electrical testing and troubleshooting procedures and equipment; OEM sunroof repair and replacement techniques; advanced wind noise and water leak diagnosis and repair; and current standards and regulations that apply to the auto glass industry.

Event News

Auto Glass Week™ 2016 Dates Announced
Hot off the success of Auto Glass Week™ 2015 in Reno, show organizers have announced the dates and location of the 2016 event.

AGSC Registered Member Company Techs Lead Auto Glass Replacement Competition
The Pilkington Clear Advantage Auto Glass Technician Replacement Competition was held recently during Auto Glass Week™ in Reno, Nev. All of the winning technicians this year are from Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) Registered Member Companies and three of the four hold AGSC accreditations.

AGSC Members Participate in Private Breakfast with Management Expert Jack Welch
A number of Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) members had the chance to sit down with management expert Jack Welch and his wife, Suzy, during a private breakfast at Auto Glass Week™. The breakfast, held before Welch’s keynote speech on Friday, October 2, gave AGSC members the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Welch about business issues.

Legal News

Bill Would Require Bullet-[Resistant] Glass in all NYPD Cars
Councilman Jumaane Williams is introducing a new proposal that would require New York Police Department vehicles to be outfitted with bullet-[resistant] glass.

Safety News

Looking into the Future of Automotive Glass
Glass plays an important role in the vehicles' ability to offer safety and security to its occupants. In addition to its traditional characteristics, automotive glass can improve car occupant safety and security in several other ways.

New Auto Safety Technologies Leave Some Drivers Baffled
Many Americans buying new cars these days are baffled by a torrent of new safety technology.

Toyota Unveils New Self-Driving Safety Tech, Targets 2020 Autonomous Drive
Toyota Motor Corp. said it will deploy autonomous driving systems by 2020 and take a big step forward this year by launching technology that allows vehicles to talk to each other, scan blind spots, warn of changing traffic lights and keep a safe distance from other cars.

GM Discourages Use of Windshield Wipers in SUV Recall
General Motors issued a recall for certain models of SUVs because the windshield wiper motors might overheat. Due to the risk of fire, the company advises owners to avoid using the wipers until they are replaced.

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