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AGSC Committees Remain Busy with 2016 Efforts
The Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) committees and board of directors are undertaking a number of efforts this year and have lots in store for AGSC Registered Member Companies.

On the Blogs

Auto Glass Safety CouncilKathy Bimber

The Application Process - Becoming an AGSC Registered Member Company
"Applying to become an Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) Registered Member Company may seem like an overwhelming task, but it really is not. When all of the application materials are submitted properly, the process flows rather smoothly. The documents that must be submitted in order to become an AGSC Registered Member company are the: Application to Become a Registered Member Company with payment; Attachment B-Declaration of Standard Conformance; and eight deliverable documents." -Kathy Bimber

Auto Glass Safety CouncilBob Beranek

Riding the (Automotive Glass) Range
“A few weeks back I wrote a post called ‘Setting the Standard for Safe Automotive Glass Installations.’ I talked about Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) Registered Member Companies that were frustrated with the quality of automotive glass work in their market. One took it to his state government for licensing possibilities, and the other owner was frustrated when their competitor passed their AGSC audit but reverted back to bad installation habits immediately after the auditors left. This blog post had several comments and they centered on beliefs that I thought should be discussed.” –Bob Beranek

Certification News

Welcome These Certified Master Auto Glass Technicians
Auto Glass Safety CouncilA number of auto glass technicians passed the Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) Certified Master Auto Glass Technician certification exam during the month of February. The exam is an online test consisting of 50 multiple choice questions. Those who apply to become Accredited Master Auto Glass Technicians must have experience and knowledge in: OSHA-required employee safety regulations; conducting all installations according to the current ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS™ Standard; intermediate-level automotive electrical testing and troubleshooting procedures and equipment; OEM sunroof repair and replacement techniques; advanced wind noise and water leak diagnosis and repair; and current standards and regulations that apply to the auto glass industry.

Event News

AGSC to Offer Three Free Regional Training Opportunities This Year
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) will hold three regional training and accreditation programs in 2016. The first will be held in suburban Seattle, Wash., in June. The second will be held during Auto Glass Week™ 2016 in San Antonio in October. A third session will be offered mid-way between Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Va. in late October.

Date Set for 2016 AGSC Member Meeting
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) will hold its 2016 annual member meeting on Tuesday, October 4, in San Antonio, Texas, at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. The meeting will be held the day before Auto Glass Week™, October 5-7, kicks off.

Member News

AGSC Offers Customizable Insurance Newsletter
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) is now offering its insurance newsletter in a customizable format for its Registered Member Companies to download and distribute to their insurance contacts. The newsletter, available here, includes a spot for AGSC Registered Member Companies to add their own company information within a PDF and then either email out or distribute in a printed format.

Equalizer Opens Auto Glass Academy
Equalizer has announced that it is opening a training school called Auto Glass Academy. The first class will be held April 11-14.

Technology News

Self-Driving Cars Will Rely on Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology First
The future of autonomous, self-driving vehicles may lie in the technology of vehicle-to-vehicle communications, according to one expert.

HUD Systems: Augmented Reality Is Coming to Your Windshield
Only a few short years ago, the use of displays in automobiles was considered a luxury spec reserved for high-end vehicles. Today, however, rapid developments in automotive infotainment and navigation systems have made displays a centerpiece in most automotive designs.

Safety News

NHTSA Recalls Mercedes-Benz Models over Sunroof Issue
Mercedes-Benz is recalling certain model year 2016 C300, C300 4Matic and C450 AMG 4Matic vehicles for an improperly bonded panoramic sunroof. A mix-up in glass labels at the supplier led to a primer not being used, according to the carmaker.

Car Makers Just Agreed to Make Their Vehicles a Whole Lot Safer
Automotive technology has come a long way since Henry Ford’s assembly line. Another 10 vehicle makers signed on to make automatic emergency braking a standard feature on all new cars by the fall of 2022.

Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Vehicles on Roads Today Have Open Safety Recalls
Nearly one in five vehicles on U.S. roads is in need of repair of a safety issue serious enough to be involved in a federal government recall, according to used-car history provider Carfax.

NHTSA Failed to Meet Recommendations for Training, Staff Oversight
NHTSA has failed to live up to its promise to make safety improvements to the way it handles defect investigation, an audit from the U.S. Office of Inspector General (OIG) reveals. Particularly with regard to training and staff oversight, NHTSA has fallen short of its earlier promise to improve its internal safety procedures.

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June 2, 2016
AGSC Technician Training

(Training runs from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.. with exam from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
Hyatt Regency Bellevue
Bellevue, Wash.
(suburban Seattle)

October 4, 2016
AGSC Annual Member Meeting

San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
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October 5-7, 2016
Auto Glass Week™

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
San Antonio, Texas

October 2016
AGSC Technician Training

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
San Antonio, Texas

October 2016
AGSC Technician Certification Training


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