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AGSC Validation Program Garners Interest from Insurers
The Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) third-party validation program continues to grow in recognition from other parties, including insurers. In fact, a representative of a major U.S. insurer observed several AGSC third-party validations recently conducted by Penny Ouellette, regulatory compliance director and program manager for Orion Registrar, the firm that administers the program. Jean Pero, chair of the AGSC’s accreditation committee, also was in attendance during the validations.

Registration for AGSC Half-Day Meeting Now Open
Registration is now open for the Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) special half-day meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, October 7, at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore, Md. The meeting will be open to all representatives of AGSC Registered Member Companies.

AGSC Offers New Training Opportunities
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) has launched a new program by which individuals and companies can request training from AGSC to take place at a mutually agreeable location. Two different types of training programs are available, both company training and regional training. Both types of training include one free AGSC certification test per attendee to be administered at the end of the training.

Council News

AGSC Adds Press Releases and More for Registered Member Companies
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) has expanded the “Members Only” portion of its website to include several new items to assist Registered Member Companies in marketing to consumers.

On the Blogs

Steps to a Successful AGSC Validation
“When the Auto Glass Safety Council™’s (AGSC) third-party validation program started a few years ago, we all wondered how it would go. As an adhesive systems manufacturer, my company was just as apprehensive as the Registered Member Companies were. It was a learning experience for us all. The validators took some time to get used to the demands of a retail glass shop. The Registered Member Companies, for the most part, had positive experiences and learned something about themselves in the process.” –Dale Malcolm

Understanding Bonding
“I was once told by a chemist that all adhesives work the same, but adhesives stick better to some materials than others because of molecular manipulation. As a technician I wasn’t sure what that meant. Put the glue down, set the glass, wait for it to dry and then release the vehicle, right? If you buy the right material and follow manufacturers’ instructions, you can assume the job is completed correctly and go about your business. Unfortunately, this is not all you need to know to be an effective and competent technician.” –Bob Beranek

Event News

AGSC Now Accepting Donations for the Auto Glass Week™ Silent Charity Auction
The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) Silent Charity Auction will once again be held at this year’s Auto Glass Week™. The auction will take place on Wednesday, October 8, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the Exhibition/Extravaganza show floor.

Safety News

Some Ford Escapes Recalled for Panorama Roof Glass Urethane Issue
Ford has issued a safety recall for select 2014 model-year Escapes for a “potential issue with panorama roof glass that may have an improperly cured urethane bond between the glass and the attaching bracket.”

BMW Owners File Third-Amended Class Action Complaint Over Alleged Sunroof Defect
BMW owners Monita Sharma and Eric Anderson have filed an amended third class action complaint in the U.S. Northern District Court of California, San Francisco division, alleging their vehicles suffered water damage after the drainage tubes installed to pull water away from the sunroofs did not properly work.

Driver-less Cars Are Rewriting the Rules of the Road
States are passing laws allowing driver-less cars, but they are finding it's not easy to write rules of the road for vehicles with no steering wheel or pedals.
And while the announcement comes as a pleasant surprise to self-driving vehicle proponents – who believe the technology could save lives, reduce traffic congestion and give mobility to those who can’t drive – it’s also triggered some serious concerns.

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