AGRSS™ AGRSS™ is a Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to safe auto glass installations. 

AGRSS™ Enters Internal Assessment, Compliance Phase

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS™ ) Council has announced that it is now entering the second phase of glass shop registration that now includes an internal assessment of compliance to the standard.

"In essence, we've moved from the registration mode of 'Yes, I will be compliant' to now, 'Yes, I am compliant.'" said Carl Tompkins, [insert Carl's title here]. "This is an enormous step of value to those registered glass shops in that they have had the time to become familiar with the standard and adopt procedures that will support their compliance, to now being able to grade their performance. The reason behind the value is that customers can finally be shown an elevated degree of proof that glass shops do more than just merely talk a good game."

The new registration packet includes the same format of Application, Attachment A and Attachment B. The wording of Attachment B has been altered to indicate the glass shops compliance through proof of an internal assessment that is being referred to as the "Declaration of Standard Conformance". A new instruction packet is also included that provides a step-by-step procedure in conducting the internal assessment.

The newly added aspect of the registration program is planned for national introduction in January, 2005. AGRSS™ is currently conducting a field trial with a selected group of glass shops to ensure that the Declaration of Standard Conformance design is complete and workable prior to finalizing the national introduction.

The AGRSS™ Board has decided that the original plan of eventually moving to a third level of registration, that added an independent, third party audit, is being dropped. It was felt that establishing a standard and a related registration program having a component of proof-of-compliance was a huge step for the AGR industry and more time would be provided for registered companies to become comfortable and confident with this process before looking into any further advancements

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass. AGRSS™ was founded and is supported by companies in the auto glass replacement industry that keep safe installation as their primary goal.

AGRSS™ is an accredited American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-standards development organization. It has developed the world's only auto glass replacement safety standard, the AGRSS™ standard (ANSI/AGRSS™ 002-2002 Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard). The AGRSS™ Standard addresses procedures, education and product performance.

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