March 29, 2017

AGSC Advisory Regarding
California's New Auto Glass Regulations

Dear AGSC Member,

I am writing to you because you manage or help manage an AGSC Registered Company with location(s) in the state of California.

As you are already aware, California’s Bureau of Automotive Repair adopted new windshield replacement regulations that went into effect on January 1, 2017.

The regulations requires that those who replace windshields in California:

  • Use windshield adhesives that meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer specifications. Adhesive systems shall be used in accordance with the adhesive manufacturer’s specifications and adhesives shall be applied in accordance with vehicle manufacturer specifications;
  • Provide an estimate per [section] 3353 notifying the customer that installation of the windshield will prevent operation of the vehicle for a period of time and whether the windshield is an original equipment manufacturer part or a nonoriginal equipment manufacturer part; [and]
  • Provide an invoice ... notifying the customer of the cure time, the date and time upon which the installation was completed, and whether the windshield is an original equipment manufacturer part or a nonoriginal equipment manufacturer part.”

We encourage you to let your consumers and insurance agents know that you are an AGSC Registered Member Company and how long you have been an AGSC Registered Member Company. Advise them that, as such, you abide by the AGRSS™ Standard, North America’s only auto glass replacement safety standard, which is consistent with many of the same regulations as California’s new regulations for windshield replacement.

Also, let them know that, as an AGSC Registered Member Company, you are required to undergo rigorous, independent third-party audits verifying your compliance with the AGRSS Standard (and thus, many of California’s new regulations) on an on-going basis.

As an AGSC Registered Member Company, you made consumer safety your priority even before California adopted these new regulations, and through the audit, you are able to show that. This is a noteworthy achievement and we encourage you to publicize this.

Best Regards,
Debra Levy
Auto Glass Safety Council

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